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Young People set up new Film Production Company in Rhyl, ‘Wicked Wales Film’

2024 will see the launch of a new film production company in Wales, Wicked Wales Film. The difference for this company is that it is a Community Interest Company which is run by young people for the benefit of all young people and it will be based in Rhyl North Wales.

In the last 10 years Wicked Wales has developed its arts and film activities in response to the needs of young people. The young people come up with the ideas and are part of the planning team. In this last year Wicked has supported a number of young directors developing their first films.

The new company, who will work with a team of young freelancers and young volunteers, has three directors. Two directors Andrew Virgo and James Dyson both got involved with Wicked as young volunteers at the age of 16. Andrew has since become the technical director and James, now a graphic designer has produced the Festival brochure for the last 5 years . The third director is Rhiannon Hughes MBE founding member of Wicked Wales International Youth Film Festival who will be supporting the team.

Andrew Virgo Wicked Wales Film, director” I first joined Wicked Wales 7 years ago at the age of 16. I became a volunteer helping with the Wicked community pop up cinema. Wicked has always been about providing new opportunities for creative young people and I was given the opportunity to become the technical director for Wicked Wales International Youth Film Festival. I am very proud being a young person from Rhyl to have now become a director of Wicked Wales Film, a new Community Interest Company which will help young people produce films by providing the support, expertise and equipment they need.”  

Rhiannon says ”We have seen the barriers which stop young people reaching their potential, it can be financial, lack of equipment, it can be confidence or just a lack of opportunity and belief in their talents. This new company will aim to remove these barriers and provide the opportunities for all young people to become part of the industry, including musicians, make up artists, actors and script writers.”  



For more information contact:-

Andrew Virgo – 07498918345

Rhiannon Hughes- 07950033429

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